Sunday, 29 January 2023

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  Link   Inside Housing
Good quality journalism and investigative work from Inside Housing and myself!!
  Link   The Independent
News and views from the Independent plus from myself!!
  Link   Vice
Go check out Vice and some of my published work with them!!
  Link   Marie Claire
I've been penning a few bits and pieces for women's magazine Marie Claire, go check them out!!
  Link   Thomson Reuters Foundation
Breaking News, Trust Law, Excellence in Journalism, Humanitarian, Women's Rights
  Link   Instagram DANIELLE AUMORD
Some more of my photography portfolio online
  Link   Current TV
Documentaries, politics and news
  Link   Answers from Big Issue
Celebrating Social Success
  Link   Rice N Peas
Independent Documentary Films
  Link   Poached Creative
A Media based Social Enterprise
  Link   The Big Issue
A hand up, not a hand out..
  Link   i-DJ
Decks and Dance Music, International DJ Magazine
  Link   Knowledge Magazine
The latest drum and bass, hip hop, breaks, dubstep and electronica news, reviews and interviews
  Link   MixMag
The world's biggest dance music and clubbing magazine
Str8 Up at the Click Club and much more!
So you always know what’s on in London Town! Cutting edge music, gigs and lifestyle plus a few features from myself!!
One of London’s break-through fashion companies! Also my web designer…..Zazel. Definitely recommended.