Tuesday, 21 March 2023

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Mixmag ‘Quite apart from the qualities of integrity and professionalism that every editor expects, and that Danielle has in abundance, she has a great eye for a hidden subculture or scene and a way of finding the universal, human elements that will make her story appeal to a wider audience. The pieces she has worked on for MixMag, on Christian clubbing and Pirate Radio, have been standouts over the past couple of years.’

‘She thrives on feedback, grasping rapidly and with alacrity suggestions about how to improve or tweak her submitted work. From her features it is obvious that she is a sensitive interviewer, capable of making subjects from a range of backgrounds feel at ease and ready and willing to give her the information that she needs. She’s also shown a willingness to go the extra mile for the story - her guiding MixMag’s photographer along a tower block roof for a feature on Pirate Radio a definite case in point!’ (Duncan Dick, Features Editor, MixMag.)
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