Thursday, 23 May 2019

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Self Taughts and Bashy


It’s certainly busy time for hip hop producer Self Taught Beats. He’s currently

working on his debut album and the first single from it, ‘Where I Wanna Be’,

drops on 9 April. “Listening to Ty’s‘Upwards’ LP inspired me to come up

with the drum pattern for the track, a sort of hip-hop, broken beat,” explains

Self Taught, while highlighting his inspirations for the single. “Then I wanted

to add an indie feel to it, so that inspired the use of guitars in the track. The

subject of the track derived from a freestyle rap that my boy Realism recorded

just after I made the beat, part of his lyrics were “where I wanna be, be, be”,

which I picked out and used as the chorus. I feel that it provokes people to ask

themselves where they want to be, or get to in their lives in terms of achievements

and standard of living.”

‘Where I Wanna Be’ is also graced with vocals by Terri Walker, shortMAN, Street

Journalism and Realism, with the video hosting an all star line up including Bashy,

Baby J, DJ Abrantree, Sean Anthony (Lemar’s protégé), Lemar, Jodie Ayesha,

and Tor. Definitely one to keep a firm eye on!

Words Danielle Aumord

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